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The Annual Conference of the Academic Library Association of Ohio brings together over 350 librarians from across Ohio and surrounding states to explore current issues facing academic libraries and librarians. Vendors will have opportunities to meet with librarians one-on-one.

Upcoming events

    • 24 Jan 2018
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    • webinar (link to be emailed)

    ALAO and SWON Libraries Consortium are partnering on a series of 3-4 webinars a year. Webinars will allow attendees to hear about exciting new opportunities and participate in a dialogue with the presentersInnovation Conversations gives people a chance to hear from and speak with library leaders on hot topics, new trends, or exciting initiatives. The first part of the online meeting will feature a short presentation on the topic that brought this library leader(s) to our attention. The second part is a live interview and Q&A session with attendees.

    What We (don't) Talk About When We Talk About Diversity

    In 2012, ACRL issued a document outlining eleven diversity standards for academic libraries to use in developing the skills and competencies that are necessary to serve diverse populations. ALA lists “diversity” as one of its 11 core values. Lately, the rhetoric around “diversity” has expanded to include the terms “inclusion” and “equity.” Typically, when we use the word “diversity” we refer to specific categories of identity: race, gender, ability, and sexual orientation, to name a few. As colleges and universities engage in more diversity initiatives, how is the conversation around diversity, equity, and inclusion taking shape? What do we mean when we talk about diversity in academic libraries? What is left unsaid when these conversations take place? Focusing on race, this session will challenge attendees to unpack, rethink and reframe the diversity conversation. The presenter will share findings from a content analysis project of academic library diversity plans, provide a brief overview of critical race scholarship in the field, and challenge attendees to think critically about current library rhetoric around race. Attendees will come away from this session with new frameworks to consider as the foundation for anti-racist work not just in academic libraries but higher education as a whole.

    This presentation was a very popular session at the October 27 ALAO conference, “Libraries Act. Respond. Transform: The ART of Empowerment.” In case you missed the session, the conference or want a refresher, here is another opportunity for you to engage with this important topic.


    Ione Damasco, associate professor and coordinator of cataloging at University of Dayton. 


    Katy Kelly is president of ALAO and associate professor and coordinator of marketing and engagement at University of Dayton.

    ALAO Pricing:

    ALAO Members: Free! (Join for $40, $10 for retirees, and free for library school students. We plan on doing 3-4 webinars a year, so joining is the best option.)

    This program is co-sponsored with SWON. SWON member libraries should register at the SWON event registration page.

    • 12 Mar 2018
    • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • University of Cincinnati-Clermont College
    • 50

    The ALAO Spring Support Staff Workshop will offer a variety of presentations to meet the diverse needs of library support staff. We hope you will join us for this networking opportunity. There will be learning sessions including tips & tricks for using Innovative Interface’s Sierra library system and employing student workers. The keynote session is, “No One is Untouched” on the Opioid epidemic and how libraries are impacted.


    University of Cincinnati-Clermont College

    4200 Clermont College Drive

    Batavia, OH 45103

Past events

27 Oct 2017 Sponsorships: 43rd Annual ALAO Conference
27 Oct 2017 Exhibitor Registration: 43rd Annual ALAO Conference
27 Oct 2017 2017 ALAO Annual Conference
26 Oct 2017 2017 ALAO Pre-Conference
08 Aug 2017 Diversity Service Activity
16 Jun 2017 Technical Services & Collection Management: A Match Made In Heaven
09 Jun 2017 Bridging the Distance in Distance Librarianship: Meeting the Needs of Today's Diverse Online Learners
09 Jun 2017 SCAIG Spring Workshop - Preserving Scrapbooks in the Archives
19 May 2017 Creating Change: Using Assessment To Reshape and Rethink Service Models
10 May 2017 Innovation Conversations - Telling your story: Using Acting techniques to Engage your Audience
20 Apr 2017 IIG Spring Workshop - Learning From Experience: Sharing Applied Threshold Concept Methods
15 Mar 2017 ALAO SSIG Spring Workshop: Discover Your Superpower!
08 Mar 2017 Innovation Conversations - Supporting Digital Scholarship: OSUL’s Research Commons
28 Oct 2016 2016 Annual Conference
27 Oct 2016 2016 Preconference
27 Oct 2016 Alternative options for those who registered for the Aaron Schmidt preconference workshop.
06 Oct 2016 2016 Diversity Workshop
15 Aug 2016 2016 ALAO Annual Presenter Grant (Support Staff)
15 Aug 2016 2016 ALAO Annual Presenter Grant (Student)
12 Aug 2016 TEDSIG 2016 Workshop: Streamlining Technical Services Workflows with MarcEdit
17 Jun 2016 (copy) (copy) TEDSIG Spring 2015 Workshop
10 Jun 2016 CANCELED - ALAO Curriculum Materials Centers Interest Group (CMCIG)
01 Jun 2016 Curation Encounters of the Digital Kind: Preserving our Digitized and Born-Digital Materials
29 Apr 2016 DLIG Spring Workshop 2016 - INOV8!
20 Apr 2016 The Evolution of Information Literacy: Framework and Assessment
08 Jan 2016 ALAO Continuing Education Grant Application 2016
23 Nov 2015 Research Grant Application 2016
20 Nov 2015 41st Annual ALAO Conference: Vendor Registration (2015)
20 Nov 2015 2015 Annual Conference
19 Nov 2015 2015 ALAO Pre-Conference
12 Jun 2015 IIG Spring 2015 Workshop
05 Jun 2015 2015 Diversity Spring Workshop
03 Jun 2015 SCAIG Workshop: Special but not Specialized: Special Collections & Archives Do It All
29 May 2015 TEDSIG Spring 2015 Workshop
18 May 2015 CMIG Annual Workshop: Analyze & Advocate: Tools for Collection Management and Strategies for Marketing
15 May 2015 DLIG Spring Workshop 2015 - INOV8!: Elevating Engagement for Students Online
20 Apr 2015 CMCIG Spring Workshop (2015)
16 Apr 2015 AIG Spring Workshop (2015)
15 Jan 2015 Continuing Education Grant Application 2015
14 Nov 2014 40th Annual ALAO Conference: Vendor Registration (2014)
14 Nov 2014 2014 ALAO Annual Conference
13 Nov 2014 2014 ALAO 40th Anniversary Pre-conference
13 Sep 2014 2014 ALAO Annual Presenter Grant (Support Staff)
13 Sep 2014 2014 ALAO Annual Presenter Grant (Student)
14 Jul 2014 2014 ALAO Board Retreat
13 Jun 2014 ACRL Webinars: Making the Leap to Library Leadership & Data Visualization Strategies for Library Assessment
11 Jun 2014 SCAIG/TEDSIG Spring Workshop: What Is That and How Do I Catalog It!?! RDA and Special Formats Cataloging
09 Jun 2014 CMIG Spring Workshop: I Can’t Believe You do That!
30 May 2014 IIG Spring Workshop 2014 - Back to Basics: Moving Library Instruction Forward!
21 May 2014 SSIG Spring Workshop (2014)
16 May 2014 DLIG Spring Workshop 2014
25 Apr 2014 2014 Diversity Spring Workshop
24 Apr 2014 AIG Spring Workshop (2014)
04 Apr 2014 CMCIG 2014 Spring Workshop -– Keeping Pace: Changes & Trends in Curriculum Materials Centers (CMC’s)
09 Dec 2013 Continuing Education Grant Application 2014
25 Oct 2013 39th Annual ALAO Conference: Vendor Registration (2013)
25 Oct 2013 2013 ALAO Annual Conference: The Changing Faces of Academic Libraries: Transforming, Reorganizing and Re-imagining
24 Oct 2013 2013 ALAO Annual Conference - Preconference: Social Media Spark: Tips and Tech Tools to Ignite our Library Communities.
15 Jul 2013 2013 ALAO Board Retreat
14 Jun 2013 2013 Diversity Spring Workshop
03 Jun 2013 Distance Learning Interest Group and Instruction Interest Group Spring Workshop – Making Noise in the Library: Advocating for our Students and our Libraries (2013)
31 May 2013 ACRL Webcasts: "Crisis in Academic Libraries" and "Fair Use after Georgia State"
21 May 2013 TEDSIG Spring Workshop 2013 - Change in Libraries: Physical, Organizational, Consortial
10 May 2013 Special Collections & Archives Spring Workshop 2013 – Outreach in Special Collections & Archives
22 Mar 2013 E-Books in Ohio: What's a Librarian to Do? (CMIG Workshop)
26 Oct 2012 38th Annual ALAO Conference: Vendor Registration (2012)
26 Oct 2012 2012 ALAO Annual Conference - Impact Factor: The Value of Academic Libraries
25 Oct 2012 2012 ALAO Annual Conference - Preconference: Researcher Revolt: What Faculty want from Publishers, Libraries and the Open Access Movement
25 Oct 2012 2012 ALAO Annual Conference - Preconference: Participatory Librarianship: Shaping Conversations to Advocate the Impact of Our Academic Libraries
05 Aug 2012 2012 ALAO Board Retreat - Lodging
04 Jun 2012 Energizing Library Instruction: Pedagogical Voodoo to Animate Classroom Zombies (IIG Spring Workshop)
18 May 2012 CMCIG Spring Workshop 2012: The Future of Ohio Libraries
11 May 2012 2012 TEDSIG Spring Workshop
11 May 2012 INOV8! Strategies & Models for Distance Library Services (2012 DLIG Spring Workshop)
01 Apr 2012 2012 ALAO Annual Presenter Grant (Student)
01 Apr 2012 2012 ALAO Annual Presenter Grant (Support Staff)
01 Apr 2012 2012 ALAO Annual Conference: Proposal Submission
19 Dec 2011 Continuing Education Grant Application 2012
04 Nov 2011 37th Annual ALAO Conference: Vendor Registration (2011)
04 Nov 2011 2011 ALAO Annual Conference
19 Jul 2011 2011 ALAO Board Retreat
11 Jul 2011 2011 ALAO Board Retreat
27 May 2011 Linked Data: Connecting Distributed Data across the Web (2011 TEDSIG Spring Workshop)
20 May 2011 Local Resources and Collaborations (2011 CMCIG Spring Workshop)
13 May 2011 SSIG Spring Seminar (2011)
13 May 2011 INOV8: Revitalizing Distance Learning (2011 DLIG Spring Workshop)
06 May 2011 2011 Diversity Spring Workshop
21 Apr 2011 Thinking outside the Library: Creative Collaboration for Library Instruction (IIG 2011 Spring Workshop)
05 Mar 2011 2011 ALAO Annual Presenter Grant (Student)
05 Mar 2011 2011 ALAO Annual Presenter Grant (Support Staff)
05 Mar 2011 2011 ALAO Annual Conference: Proposal Submission
15 Jan 2011 Continuing Education Grant Application
29 Oct 2010 ALAO 36th Annual Conference (2010)
29 Oct 2010 36th Annual Conference: Vendor Registration
12 Jul 2010 2010 ALAO Board Retreat
30 Oct 2009 35th ALAO Annual Conference (2009)
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