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Past ALAO Conferences

About ALAO Annual Conferences

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About the Planning Committee

The Conference Planning Committee includes volunteers from the ALAO membership and is chaired by the current

Vice President/President-Elect of the organization. Each year, the committee develops a theme for the upcoming conference, sends out a call for proposals for presentations and poster sessions, performs a blind review of the proposals, constructs the program schedule, selects a keynote speaker, selects the venue for the next year's conference, coordinates the current year's conference facilities, contacts vendors to exhibit at the conference, arranges for the conference attendee gifts, and processes evaluations after the conference. The committee generally meets once a month and frequently corresponds by email in between meetings.

If you would be interested in serving on the Conference Planning Committee, please contact the current Vice President/President-Elect.

ALAO Conference Attendance Map

ALAO Annual Conferences, 1974-
Updated January 2, 2019 
  • 2019: Libraries Speak Up! Advocate. Collaborate. Educate. (Nationwide Conference Center, Columbus)
  • 2018: Take Action! Conveying Value, Cultivating Success (Nationwide Conference Center, Columbus)
  • 2017: Libraries Act. Respond. Transform: The ART of Empowerment (Nationwide Conference Center, Columbus)
  • 2016: User Experience: Exceeding Expectations By Design (Roberts Centre, Wilmington)
  • 2015 Cultivating Leadership: Preparing Academic Libraries for the Future (Nationwide Conference Center, Columbus)
  • 2014 Engagement, Advocacy and Outreach: Empowering Our Communities (Kalhari)
  • 2013 The Changing Faces of Academic Libraries: Transforming, Reorganizing, Re-imagining
  • 2012 Impact Factor: The Value of Academic Libraries
  • 2011 Academic Libraries: Constant Change, Constant Opportunity
  • 2010 Academic Libraries: Now and Tomorrow
  • 2009 At the Crossroads: Recharging, Redefining, and Realigning our Libraries
  • 2008 Connecting the Campus : Linking Users, Institutions, and Information
  • 2007 Innovation Generation: Tools, Techniques, Transformations
  • 2006 Recipes for Library Success: Ingredients, Process, & Product
  • 2005 Setting the Stage: New Roles in the Library
  • 2004 ALAO at 30: Positioning Our Libraries, Positioning Ourselves
  • 2003 Information, Innovation, Inspiration: Making the Connection
  • 2002 Face to Face or Cyberspace: Redefining the Human Touch
  • 2001 Thriving on Chaos, Leading Change
  • 2000 Four Walls and Beyond: Libraries in the New Millennium
  • 1999 ALAO@25: Celebrating our Past, Claiming our Future
  • 1998 Today’s Actions, Tomorrow’s Adventures: To Infinity and Beyond!
  • 1997 Collaborative Adventures: Forging New Partnerships to Meet User Needs
  • 1996 Facing the future: Redefining the basics
  • 1995 Thriving in a dynamic environment: Moving beyond survival
  • 1994 Navigating the information ocean: Charting the course
  • 1993 Pathways to progress: Choices for the 90's
  • 1992 ALAO/OELMA/OLA concurrent conference: Information exploration in Ohio libraries
  • 1991 Breaking down barriers: Access to information
  • 1990 2001: An information odyssey
  • 1989 Resource sharing: Not just for books
  • 1988 ALAO/OELMA/OLA concurrent conference: Growing into the future together
  • 1987 The year of the reader
  • 1986 Strategic planning : today's library tomorrow
  • 1985 Developing library personnel for the 1980's...and beyond
  • 1984 Academic libraries in a changing environment
  • 1983 ALAO annual conference: Effective communication
  • 1982 In conjunction with ASIS
  • 1981 Academic libraries: Image and impact
  • 1980 ALAO/OLA/OLTA/OLF concurrent conference: Library services in the 80's
  • 1979 ALAO annual conference
  • 1978 ALAO/OLA/OLTA concurrent conference: Shaping our image
  • 1977 ALAO/OELMA/OLA - Getting to know... the Ohio library media community, its people, programs, and potential through communication and cooperation
  • 1976 OLA preconference: Bicentennial leap - futurescope on libraries
  • 1975 The subject is books
  • 1974 The traumatic world of serials



Annual Conference Planning Task List

Source: ALAO Procedures Manual, General Information, Program Committee Section

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