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ALAO Mentor Biographies

Allen Reichert

Electronic Access & Government Documents Librarian
Otterbein University

Areas of expertise: Collection Development, Discovery Layers, Instruction, Reference, Serials

Professional background: I have been with my current library for 20 years and I've worked in a number of different areas; interlibrary loan, print serials, electronic database management, government documents, liaison duties, and reference. I also have experience with state and local consortia which may be of interest. I've chaired an OhioLINK standing committee and I've been on numerous task forces.

What motivates you to serve as a mentor?  The opportunity to give back to new professionals and hopefully provide some useful insights.

Tina Schneider

Library Director
The Ohio State University at Lima

Areas of expertise: Career / Recruitment and Hiring, Collection Development, Department Management, Instruction, Library Management, Reference

Professional background: I was the reference/instruction librarian at OSU-Lima for 11 years before becoming the director in 2010. I am very familiar with managing a small library, and the landscape of regional campus libraries. The Lima Campus Library also serves Rhodes State College, a 2-year technical college. I have experience with instruction, hiring, and most aspects of library management.

What motivates you to serve as a mentor? I'd like to provide a safe, confidential way for someone to ask questions about the library profession or career plans.

Krista McDonald

Library Director
Miami University Hamilton

Areas of expertise: Career / Recruitment and Hiring, Collection Development, Department Management, Instruction, Library Management, Reference, Student Supervision

What motivates you to serve as a mentor?  Learning from my mentee. I have every time I've had a formal pairing or worked informally with someone and I always enjoy this part of mentoring. Of course I also very much want to make sure that the mentee reaches his/her goals for the program.

Heather Crozier

Electronic Resources Librarian
Ohio Northern University

Areas of expertise: Instruction, Marketing and Outreach, Reference, Scholarly Communication, Serials, Electronic Resources

Professional background: I've worked in libraries for 15 years, with 8 years in public libraries, 2 in a community college library, and 5 in my current position. Since I'm at a smaller institution, I have a variety of responsibilities (instruction, marketing, collection management, liaison, e-resources) and I believe I would be most helpful to someone who is trying to manage multiple responsibilities.

What motivates you to serve as a mentor?  I think it's critical to support new librarians to ensure that the field is continually being revitalized.

Heidi Gauder

Coordinator of Research & Instruction
University of Dayton

Areas of expertise: Collection Development, Instruction, Reference

Professional background: I am the coordinator of research & instruction at the University of Dayton.  My responsibilities include collection development for reference, history and political science; research & reference support; instruction and supervision (paraprofessionals directly, student employees indirectly).  As a tenured faculty member, I have written articles, book chapters, and presented at multiple conferences.  I can offer support to librarians who are looking for assistance with the writing process, who are seeking insights on supervision, or want to discuss the academic librarian career or aspects related to responsibilities listed above. 

What motivates you to serve as a mentor?  Service to the profession, certainly.  I enjoy collaborating and find that I learn well in those opportunities where both parties (or a small group) have something to share when they come to the table.  I see the mentor/mentee pairings as a collaboration where both parties learn something.

Kathleen Baril

Library Director
Ohio Northern University

Areas of expertise: Acquisitions, Career / Recruitment and Hiring, Collection Development, Library Management, Marketing and Outreach, Reference

Professional background: I am in my tenth year at my institution where I started as the Electronic Resources Librarian and moved to director five years ago.  During my time as director, I have overseen a renovation of our first floor, reorganization of our technical services area, started a library marketing committee, started our Personal Librarian program, initiated our library internship program, aided in the development of our first for credit course and initiated the institutional repository at our institution.  As director, I have learned a lot about personnel management, assessment and strategic planning which I would be happy to share with a mentee or just lend a helping ear (especially regarding those personnel issues that arise).  I have a strong commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion issues and have reworked our hiring practices to be more inclusive and continue to try to find ways to ensure our collections are diverse, our displays include all voices and that we find ways to support student success for all students.  Since my institution is small, I also have the privilege of teaching, helping students one-on-one with research and serving as a liaison to several academic departments.  I am a tenured librarian so I have experience with applying and going through the tenure process.  In closing, I would say that I did not expect to become a director and would be happy to be a mentor to those thinking about entering management or new to management - - it has been very rewarding for me, even in these difficult times. 

What motivates you to serve as a mentor?  I met my co-mentee in the first year of this program and we still are in touch and then later was a mentor and am still in touch with that mentee.  I have developed wonderful relationships and learned a lot and want to give back to this great program.  Even as mentor, I always learn from my mentees and I am always happy to learn new things to improve my own professional practice. 

Mark Eddy

Research Services Librarian
Case Western Reserve University

Areas of expertise: Collection Development, Instruction, Marketing and Outreach, Reference, Scholarly Communication

Professional background: I serve as a subject specialist and librarian liaison for several social sciences and humanities departments at Case Western Reserve University.  My graduate training includes both humanities and library science, and I have been active for many years in ALAO committees and events.  My professional and research interests include pedagogy and instruction, OER, support services outreach, social sciences research support, and assessment.

What motivates you to serve as a mentor?  I've had the privilege of serving as mentor to many library graduate students and new professionals over the years, including mentees in the ALAO program.  I enjoy sharing my experience with others and helping library professionals progress in their careers.  I've been an ALAO mentor for the past two years, and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Miriam Intrator

Special Collections Librarian for Rare Books
Ohio University

Areas of expertise: Instruction, Special Collections / Archives

Professional background: I have been a librarian since 2003 and a rare book librarian since 2013. During the academic year the majority of my time is spent doing instruction and outreach to expand our already robust instruction program. I am also responsible for collection development, in which I focus on diversifying the collection, donor relations, exhibits, research and reference, and collaborative work with archivists, subject librarians, preservation, digitization, faculty and instructors, campus groups, K-12 constituents in the community, and so on. My path to becoming a librarian and then to being where I am now has been a long convoluted one, but I can't imagine doing anything else. These days I am focused on learning new technologies to bring my instruction online and to hopefully keep up momentum during the pandemic.

What motivates you to serve as a mentor? I'm still learning so much about the rare book field and academic librarianship, but I also realize that I've been doing this long enough that I have something to offer someone who is newer or making a new start. I also know that I will learn a lot from being a mentor. I am always interested in new ideas and new perspectives, plus feel it's super important to welcome and support new librarians. We can all learn from each other, regardless of level of experience or background.

Heidi Beke-Harrigan

Technical Support Librarian

Areas of expertise: Cataloging, Discovery Layers, Instruction, Marketing and Outreach, Reference, Systems, Interested in accessibility and UX Design but not an expert

Professional background: Before becoming more involved in the systems end of things, I worked as an academic librarian with a special emphasis on instruction and preparing graduate students for research (systematic reviews), particularly in the health sciences. As a former tech services manager and library director, I also have experience in eResources, budgeting, outreach, collection management and technical services.  If there's anything I've learned over the years, it's the importance of curiosity, the ability to recognize upcoming disruption, and the willingness to try new things. I'm happy to serve as a sounding board for projects, challenges or career development. Let's talk about what type of mentoring arrangement works for you (formal, informal, peer or reverse mentoring) and explore new ideas together.

What motivates you to serve as a mentor?  I don't have any preconceived notions about how the mentoring experience has to go because each one is different and I think it's important to have a discussion about what the mentee wants/needs out of the relationship. I do expect each of us will be respectful of the other's time and that we honor confidentiality. Beyond that it's a wonderful way to get to know others in the profession outside of our own institutions.

Kari Siders

Director of Library Public Services
Cedarville University

Areas of expertise: Circulation, Department Management, Instruction, Interlibrary Loan / Resource Sharing, Library Management, Reference, Student Supervision, Leadership, LibGuides

Professional background: My professional library career began as a library manager at a branch of a community college. Through my seven years at this community college I progressed from library manager of a single branch, to manager of multiple branches, and eventually to library director. During my time at the community college, I performed a variety of tasks and explored every aspect of the library. I then moved positions to my current role as Director of Library Public Services at Cedarville University. While this position is more focused, I’m still intimately involved with a myriad of library services. Specifically, I oversee circulation, ILL, and our research services. Beyond instruction, customer service, website updates, and participating in the administrative role of my position, I’m also well versed in basic CSS and HTML coding as it pertains to modifying SpringShare’s libguides system.  My work has also led to multiple opportunities for growth as a leader and I enjoy helping others find their path in the world, especially through the use of personality assessments. I’m a good listener who also has lots of practical advice to provide. If you’re seeking a witty, multi-faceted mentor with leadership experience to assist you in finding your own path as a librarian, I can definitely help with that!

What motivates you to serve as a mentor?  I hope to be able to help a fellow librarian further their path as a librarian to the direction they desire. The intrinsic value received knowing I can help others is what truly makes being a mentor worth it.

Jenny Donley

Cataloging and Knowledge Architect Librarian

Ohio Northern University's Heterick Memorial Library

Areas of expertise: Cataloging, Collection Development, Department Management, Instruction, Marketing and Outreach, Reference, Serials, Shelving / Stack Maintenance

Professional background: I have (happily) been the sole cataloger for a smaller undergraduate library with 5 librarians for the past 11 years. In addition to the techy parts of my job, I actively participate in reference, instruction, collection development, marketing and outreach, and am a library liaison to several academic departments. I can't actually claim expertise in most of the areas I checked above, but I have years of involvement relevant to each. I can offer a mentee my experience juggling various public vs tech services responsibilities, how to relish a job that is never the same two days in a row, and navigating the tenure/promotion process as a technical services librarian.

What motivates you to serve as a mentor?  I had several wonderful mentors over the years and want to pass on the benefits of mentorship. I enjoy being able to use the experiences I've had to help other librarians brainstorm solutions to their work-related issues/backlogs.

Gerald Natal

Assistant Professor, Health and Human Services Librarian

University of Toledo

Areas of expertise: Collection Development, Instruction, Marketing and Outreach, Reference, Scholarly Communication

Professional background: Gerald previously worked as a librarian at The Toledo Correctional Institution, Toledo, Ohio, and was Visiting Instructor of Information Literacy at The University of Toledo from October 2005 to December 2007. He was hired as Digital Services Librarian at the Raymon H. Mulford Library in January of 2008. Since 2009 he has been library liaison to the programs in The College of Health and Human Services, and serves on many outreach committees concerning students of color and military-affiliated students. Gerald is willing to share his years of experience in instruction, reference, and consultation services, as well as his experiences with scholarly activity and service while going through the tenure process.

What motivates you to serve as a mentor?  I enjoy sharing what I have learned, but I also have the opportunity to learn much from a mentee.

Megan Mamolen

Assistant Professor, Librarian

Lakeland Community College

Areas of expertise: Collection Development, Department Management, Discovery Layers, Instruction, Marketing and Outreach, Reference, E-resources management

Professional background: I am a reference, instruction, and e-resources librarian that transitioned from lab science to academic librarianship. I can offer mentees advice on how to leverage skills from other fields to enhance their library careers. I am also happy to share my experience of being an early career librarian, a generalist, and a manager of multiple library functions.

What motivates you to serve as a mentor?  I look forward to helping other librarians navigate the early stages of their library careers. I believe I will also learn about additional aspects of academic librarianship through this networking experience.

Karen Caputo

Instruction & Design Librarian
Franklin University

Areas of expertise:  Digital Scholarship, Instruction, Reference, Scholarly Communication, Special Collections / Archives

Professional background: Most of my professional experience has been in small, academic libraries. My work has mainly focused on providing and overseeing instruction and reference/research services. In addition to these roles, I have also managed archival and digital collections. Very recently, I launched our new institutional repository and am working to ensure it's long-term success. I believe I can offer a mentee insight into taking on and managing multiple roles within a small library, as well as share my expertise in library instruction, research, reference, project management, and collaboration in a university setting. 

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