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General Information

ALAO Procedures Manual General Information


Locating Archival Records Stored at Ohio Historical Society

Box 1
  • ALAO Board Rosters
  • Board Minutes 1973-
  • Annual Meeting Minutes
  • Membership Chair Reports
  • President's Reports
Box 2
  • Annual Meeting
  • Call for Papers announcements
  • Flyers
  • Programs
  • Evaluations
  • Joint Conference Documents
  • Workshop Flyers
  • Membership Lists
Box 3
  • Committees
  • ACRL
  • Government Relations
  • Awards
  • Budget
  • Constitution
  • Newsletter
  • Professional Development
  • Program
  • Public Relations/Outreach
  • Research and Publications
  • Scholarship
  • Interest Groups
  • Interest group guidelines
  • Library/Bibliographic Instruction
  • Collection Management
  • Curriculum Materials Center
  • Diversity
  • Support Staff
  • Technical Services
  • Legislative liaison
  • ALAO policies
  • Task force and project team reports
  • Workshop guidelines
Box 4
  • Liaison lists/letters
  • Membership letters/flyers
  • ALAO history 1973-
  • ACRL documents and letters
  • OCA
  • Tax exempt forms
  • Logo
  • Stationery and brochure samples
  • Sample evaluation forms
  • Sample letters for a variety of occasions
Box 5
  • ALAO ballots/candidate vitae 1974-
  • ALAO constitutions
  • ALAO directory
  • ALAO foundation
  • Newsletter Info
  • Retreats
  • Strategic planning
  • Membership surveys
  • Treasurer's reports
  • Newsletters May 1974-
  • Policy Manuals draft 1982-

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Jay Ladd Distinguished Service Award Past Recipients

Year Recipient
2021 Derek Zoladz
2020 Katy Kelly
2019 Carrie Girton
2018  Brian Gray
2017  Sue Polanka
2016  Julie Deardorff
2015  Karen Plummer
2014  Kathryn Venditti
2013  Don Appleby
2012  John J. Burke
2011  Diane Schrecker
2010  Alisa Mizikar
2009  Susan Scott
2008  Marcia Suter
2007  Betsy Blankenship
2006  Lois Szudy
2005  Ella Copeland
2004  Ximena Chrisagis
2003  Rob Withers
2002  Doug Morrison
2001  Alison Ricker
2000  Patricia Walker
1999  Greg Pronevitz
1998  Margy Kramer
1997  Sara Bushong
1996  Susan Phillips
1995  Julie Houston
1994  Kathy Wright
1993  Ann Allan
1992  Peri Switzer
1991  Linda Landis
1990  Sr. Deborah Harmeling
1989  Jay Ladd
1988  Charles Maurer
1987  Martha Laury
1986  Marian Winner
1985  Hannah McCauley
 Virginia Tiefel

This list is also available from the Jay Ladd Award page of the ALAO website.

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Program Committee

Annual Conference Planning Task List

Tasks to complete and Responsibilities to be assigned: (All are not necessarily in correct timeline order)

  1. Recruit the conference planning committee
  2. Select a theme for upcoming conference
    • Review previous conference evaluations
  3. Create upcoming conference flyer announcement for current year conference folders
  4. Keynote Speaker selection and confirmation – (in the past the VP/Pres. Elect was the coordinator of this task)
    • Travel arrangements for Keynote Speaker including pick up/return to airport/hotel/conference
    • Gift for Keynote Speaker
  5. Set conference planning committee meetings for year
  6. Web Site
    • Travel Directions to conference site and hotel location on web site
    • Web site presentation submission form
  7. Call for Proposals for Presentations and Poster Sessions – paper announcement and web site submission form
    • Contact to receive proposals should be designated
    • Deadlines for receiving proposals should be set
    • Add to proposal form information about the Support Staff Presenter Grant
  8. Poster Sessions contact person designated
  9. Vendor Contact Person designated
    • Vendor registration form and information to conference web site maintainer.
    • Thank you notes to all vendors after conference
    • Vendor evaluation form (previous year's form acceptable?)
    • Responsible for getting vendor lunch selections (if applicable) to Registration Coordinators
  10. Registration Coordinator(s) designated
    • Registration form created (use examples from previous conference)
    • Add to proposal form information about the Support Staff Presenter Grant
    • Early bird registration deadline should be set to mid to late September
    • Creates Name Tags for conference
    • Creates final list of conference attendees for program
    • Creates receipts for conference packets
    • Contact the Treasurer for the spreadsheet that will help with membership verification as well as final accounting of conference charges and payments
  11. Conference Evaluation form creator/Evaluation compiler designated.
    • Send presenters' their evaluations
  12. Local Arrangements contact person
    • Hotels and parking and travel directions
  13. At-Large Pinch Hitter
  14. Giveaway contact person
    • Researches giveaway product/prices
    • In charge of ordering/getting them to conference site
  15. Conference Program designer designated
  16. AV Equipment/Technical Support coordinator – (try to get speaker's Power Point or other electronic files to load on a computer before the conference. Can prove difficult since some speaker's work on their presentation up to the conference date.)
  17. Listserv Announcements
    • All announcements to ALAO membership should go through the Membership Chair
    • Make sure announcements go to all ALAO liaisons
    • Follow checklist of listserv announcements for conference
  18. Conference Door Prize Coordinator
    • Responsible for getting door prizes
    • How to award them during the conference
    • List of winners, etc
  19. Business Meeting Coordinator (VP/Pres. Elect responsibility)
  20. Award Presentations Logistical Coordinator
  21. Conference planners dinner organizer
    • Selects restaurant
    • Makes reservations for conference planning committee and Keynote Speaker dinner night before conference
  22. Awards Contact Person
    • Submits list of awardees for conference program
  23. Support Staff Presenter Grant Contact Person
  24. IG Coordinator responsible for the following:
    • Notifying IG for information tables
    • Notifying IG for presentations at conference
    • Notifying IG for Support Staff Presenter Grant information
    • IG Coordinator should send out reminder to other committees (i.e. Research/Publications; Government Relations Team, etc.) about possibility of having information table at conference.
  25. Pre-conference Organizer or contact person with organizing body, if applicable
  26. Next conference site selection
    • Sub-committee should be selected to research and offer recommendation to entire conference planning committee
    • Check dates of Charleston (SC) Library Acquisitions conference and other library-related conferences.
    • Check dates of OSU Home football games (if conference will be located in Central Ohio)
  27. Review conference folder checklist to make sure everything is included. (In the past, flyers have been included that are of interest to ALAO conference attendees, such as OHIONET workshops, scholarship opportunities, etc.)
  28. Student Volunteer Help Coordinator
  29. Photographers at Conference designated (good idea to have two individuals)
  30. "Meet and Greet" Arrangements Coordinator
    • Reception for night before conference for conference attendees staying at the conference hotel


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Workshop Planning Guidelines

Any ALAO unit planning a meeting or other activity that requires funding must consult and/or complete the relevant form(s) listed here:

  1. Workshop/Meeting Proposal Form [Excel file]  updated 3/20/13
  2. Activity Budget Proposal/Expense Report [Excel file]  Use for any meeting, workshop or other activity requiring ALAO funding.  Updated 3/20/13
  3. Workshop Planning Checklist [.docx file] updated 11/09/2015


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