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ALAO Procedures Manual


This is a working document intended to inform all ALAO Board members, elected and appointed, including committee and interest group chairs as well as members of those groups. Nothing in these Procedures takes precedence over the Bylaws; inform the Past President or Procedures Manual Coordinator of any discrepancies. Board members are responsible for reviewing the documents pertaining to your office or appointment and following the stated procedures and policies. You are also responsible for sharing these procedures with your committee, interest group, or other working group members.

Any Board member may propose revisions by submitting changes to the Procedures Manual Coordinator (PMC) and/or Past President; please do so in a timely manner so that the Manual reflects actual practice. Significant departure from written procedures or policies should be brought to the Board for discussion before revision; the PMC or Past President will guide this process. Ideally, every Board member will review the relevant sections of the Manual prior to the Annual Leadership meeting, to guide new Board members and remind retiring Board members of changes that should be incorporated into the Manual.


  1. Executive Board and Officers
    1. About the Executive Board
    2. Elected Officers
      1. President
      2. Vice President/President Elect
      3. Immediate Past President
      4. Secretary
      5. Treasurer
      6. Public Relations/Outreach Coordinator
      7. Membership Chair
      8. Member-at-Large
  2. Appointments 
    1. ACRL Liaison
    2. Archivist
    3. Communications Editor
    4. Advocacy Chair
    5. Institutional Membership Liaison
    6. Interest Group Coordinator
    7. Procedures Manual Coordinator
    8. Web Manager(s)
  3. Committees
    1. Awards Committee
    2. Budget and Planning Committee
    3. Communications Committee
    4. Conference Planning Committee see Program Committee 
      see also Annual Conference Planning Task List
    5. Conference Site Selection Committee
    6. Diversity Committee
    7. Nominating Committee
    8. Presenter Grant Committee
    9. Professional Development Committee
    10. Program Committee
    11. Research and Publications Committee
  4. Interest Groups  see also: Guidelines re: purpose, structure and function
    1. Assessment Interest Group
    2. Collection Management Interest Group
    3. Community and Two Year Colleges Interest Group
    4. Curriculum Materials Center Interest Group
    5. Distance Learning Interest Group
    6. Instruction Interest Group
    7. Programming, Outreach, and Marketing Interest Group
    8. Scholarly Communications Interest Group
    9. Special Collections and Archives Interest Group
    10. STEM Interest Group
    11. Support Staff Interest Group
    12. Technical, Electronic, and Digital Services Interest Group
  5. Policies and Procedures
    1. Archives
      1. Guidelines for Transfer of Records to Archives
    2. Awards, Grants and Scholarships
      1. Continuing Education Grant
      2. Diversity Student Scholarship
      3. Jay Ladd Distinguished Service Award
      4. Kathryn L. Venditti Mentoring Award
      5. Legislative Advocate Travel Award
      6. Research Grant
        1. Research Grant Application -- Subject to change;
          consult Research and Publications Committee for current application.
      7. Special Recognition Award
      8. Student Conference Grant
      9. Support Staff Conference Grant
      10. TEDDY Award
    3. Budget and Reimbursement
      1. Budget and Planning Process
      2. Reimbursement Guidelines & Payment Request Form [Revised 7/15]
    4. Elections
      1. Election Procedures
    5. Inclusion Suggestions and Incident Reporting
      1. Workflow for Inclusion Suggestions and Incident Reporting 
    6. Interest Groups
      1. Statement of Purpose Guidelines for Potential Interest Groups
      2. Board Guidelines for Interest Groups
    7. Newsletter
      1. Newsletter Editorial Policy
      2. Newsletter Information Request
      3. Newsletter Calendar
    8. Publications Policy
    9. Receiving Payments by Check
    10. Sponsorship or Co-Sponsorship Policy
    11. Website
      1. Website Editorial Policy
      2. Website Update Request & Information Form
      3. Contributors/Responsibility for Monitoring Website
  6. General Information
    1. Archives
      1. Locating Archival Information
    2. Awards
      1. Jay Ladd Distinguished Service Award Past Recipients
    3. Program Committee
      1. Annual Conference Planning Task List
    4. Workshop Planning Guidelines
  1.  Workshop/Meeting Proposal Form [Excel file]
  2. Activity Budget Proposal and Expense Report Use for any meeting, workshop or other activity requiring ALAO funding. [Excel file]
  3. Workshop Planning Checklist [doc file] updated July 2016

last update:  March 2021

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