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Strategic Plan 2014-2019

About ALAO Strategic Plan 2014-2019

Approved October 3, 2014

Mission Statement

The Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) exists to develop, promote, and improve library and information services in Ohio’s higher education community, to advance the interests of academic librarianship and the personnel of academic libraries, and to provide leadership and advocacy for the educational and policy concerns of the academic library community in Ohio. ALAO strives to adopt environmentally sustainable practices in all areas of the association. ALAO is a chapter of the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) and generally ascribes to the ACRL’s strategic Plan for Excellence.

Strategic Areas

Value of Academic Libraries

  1. Offer Conference and/or workshop sessions on how to effectively communicate to administration and faculty the importance of libraries and their role in the education of Ohio students.
  2. Identify and promote relevant statewide higher education organizations important to faculty and administration.
  3. Collaborate with other organizations to provide professional development opportunities.   
  4. Offer programs & workshops to meet the needs of library professionals, support staff, and SLIS students  
  5. Strengthen relationships with the Kent State SLIS and develop relationships with other library schools.
  6. Build and retain core ALAO memberships while recruiting from new and diverse communities.
  7. Increase recognition of the value of libraries by leaders in: higher education, information technology, funding agencies, and campus decision making.
  8. Build awareness of and encourage participation in ACRL advocacy activities.

Student Learning

  1. Support libraries in their understanding and implementation of current and emerging pedagogies and literacies.

Research and Scholarly Environment

  1. Highlight publications and awards by ALAO members in appropriate venues.
  2. Continue offering programming for those interested in research and publishing.
  3. Continue developing ways to make content from ALAO events available in a digital format. Continue to support scholarship within the organization.
  4. Pilot a mentoring program. 

reviewed, amended 7/12/16

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