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Strategic Plan 2005-20019

Strategic Plan

2005/2006 - 2009/2010

Updated November 3, 2006

Mission Statement

The Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) exists to develop, promote, and improve library and information services in Ohio's colleges and universities, to advance the interests of academic librarianship and the personnel of academic libraries, and to provide leadership and advocacy for the educational and political concerns of the academic library community in Ohio. ALAO is a chapter of the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) and generally ascribes to ACRL's 2005 Strategic Plan at

Goal 1

Enhance the capability of Ohio academic libraries to serve the needs of current and future library users by identifying and exploring academic library issues, promoting the exchange of ideas, and encouraging innovation in library operations and services.
  • Promote the ALAO news blog
  • Complete the redesign of the web site and promote it to the membership
  • Develop the framework to start a scholarly, peer-reviewed online journal

Goal 2

Promote and speak for the interests of Ohio academic libraries within the profession, in concert with allied organizations in Ohio, and to educate state and federal policy makers regarding academic libraries.
  • Establish the policy that a diversity committee member and the scholarship winner attend the OLC diversity conference and / or the Spectrum dinner at ALAO's expense in order to expose the scholarship winner to the broader Ohio library community and to establish a connection / relationship with OLC
  • President should attend or designate an ALAO board member to attend the Ohio public library conference at ALAO's expense in order to establish a formal relationship or find some contact with the organization

Goal 3

Contribute to the professional development of all academic library personnel in Ohio.
  • Identify under-represented constituencies in order to expand programming to reach and involve them.
  • Analyze waiving the membership fees for students in the LIS programs
  • Investigate the use of payments by credit cards to increase attendance at professional development functions.

Goal 4

Support recruitment of diverse and outstanding persons to the field of academic library service and to membership in ALAO, ACRL, and other library professional organizations.
  • Promote ACRL memberships to ALAO members and prospective members through appropriate venues (web site, membership form, conference, etc)
  • Newsletter editors and President should invite board members to author at least two newsletter articles on the benefits of belonging to ACRL/ALAO
  • All board members should look for opportunities to speak to undergraduate and graduate students about library profession and report back to the Board
  • President and the Public Relations Coordinator should work together to create, implement, and market a Board Members' Speakers Bureau to recruit undergraduate and graduate students to the academic library profession
  • Professional Development Committee and the web administrators will work together to maintain annotated lists with links to the job resources of regional associations and to pertinent library professional organizations, including explanations of all acronyms

Goal 5

Support mentoring of Ohio's LIS students and of all newly hired academic library personnel.
  • Solicit current and potential library science students to participate on the program planning committee and other committees to encourage involvement in the organization
  • Encourage interest groups to create opportunities for emerging leaders to become involved in ALAO
  • Establish a task force to identify and market mentoring opportunities

Goal 6

Promote study, research, and publication relevant to academic libraries.
  • Research and Publications Committee and the web administrators will explore creating a searchable database of publications authored by ALAO members
  • Research and Publications Committee should highlight publications by ALAO members in a section of the newsletter
  • Research and Publications Committee should explore offering a workshops for those interested in publishing especially aimed at students and new hires
  • Explore ways to publicize research grants more widely

Goal 7

Provide sound management of the Association, its programs and resources and effectively communicate within the administrative structure and with the ALAO membership at large.
  • Expand functionality of web site to improve communication about ALAO events and activities to constituents
  • Expand functionality of membership database to make membership information available to individual members and the organization members as appropriate


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