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ALAO Government Relations Team

About the Government Relations Liaison

Updated September 14, 2012

The ALAO Government Relations Liaison (GRL) is appointed by the ALAO Executive Board to coordinate the organization's legislative advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels of government. 

The Liaison works with other members of the Government Relations Team, when possible, to organize the ALAO Legislative Advocates Network.  Team members commit themselves to staying informed about legislative activity that has a particular bearing on the work of academic libraries. Moreover, the GRL is responsible for informing ALAO members about these legislative matters and for seeking their participation in advocacy efforts.

Grassroots involvement is primarily achieved through the ALAO Legislative Advocates Network, a group of volunteer ALAO members, ideally representing all of Ohio's congressional districts. Members of the Network agree to receive and respond to legislative alerts, gleaned by the GRT from the ALA Washington Office Newsletter (ALAWON) and other sources.  Members are urgently needed to participate in this effort.

In an effort to increase the involvement of academic librarians in the annual ALA National Library Legislative Day, the GRL (or Executive Board, in the absence of an official GRL) administers the ALAO Legislative Advocate Travel Award. The award provides funding for a member of the Advocates Network to attend this very rewarding event held in Washington D.C., typically held in the month of May. 

2012 Government Relations Liaison:  Joseph Straw, Marietta College.
contact: js001 at

ALAO Legislative Advocate Network

All ALAO members are eligible to be members of the ALAO Legislative Advocate Network. Advocates serve as grassroots supporters and voices for specific legislative issues of importance to academic libraries and librarians.

Activities may include:

  • Monitor email messages from the ALAO Government Relations Team and respond to "Legislative Alerts" which call members to action. This may involve a letter, phone call, fax or e-mail message to one or more legislators.
  • Inform colleagues about legislative alerts and encourage them to participate in contacting legislators
  • Share stories or successes about your library with the ALA Washington office.
  • Participate in ALA's Legislative Day by applying for the ALAO Legislative Advocate Travel Award

ALAWON - ALA Washington Office Newsletter

ALAWON is a free, irregular publication of the American Library Association Washington Office.

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