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Technical, Electronic, and Digital Services Interest Group (TEDSIG)


Updated July 11, 2011

TEDSIG was founded in 1993 as the Technical Services Interest Group (TSIG).  The interest group's name and scope was changed in June 2007 to Technical, Electronic, and Digital Services Interest Group (TEDSIG) to better reflect the evolving status of the group's constituents in traditional and emerging technologies.  TEDS, a white teddy bear, is the official mascot of TEDSIG.


To provide a forum for discussion and sharing of information for ALAO members who are interested in technical services, electronic resources and systems, and digital services.

Goals, Objectives and further information,
  • Provide a forum for networking and discussion of technical, electronic and digital services (TEDS) related issues in acquisitions, cataloging, metadata, preservation, serials, electronic resources, systems, digital services, and related technology.
  • Support continuing education and professional development activities by providing and/or sponosring TEDS programming at the annual ALAO Conference and TEDSIG Spring Meeting.
  • Foster empowerment by reaching out and welcoming all levels of staff in academic libraries' technical, electronic and digital services and supporting counterparts form the non-profit and private sectors
  • Facilitate building of relationships with like-minded regional organizations, such as EGL-IUG, NOTSL, OhioLINK, OLC, OVGTSL, and others, to share best practices and expertise among members
  • Promote the role of TEDS librarians and staff to build awareness of the value of TEDS services to the library and higher education communities
  • Recognize and honor significant contributions by ALAO members to the technical, electronic and digital services fields by presenting an annual TEDDY Award

What does TEDSIG do?

Updated Oct. 2, 2012

  • Provide a mechanism for sharing best practices and expertise among members
  • Hold informational and planning meeting at annual conference
  • Promote TEDS programming by sponsoring a program at the annual ALAO Conference and fostering call for conference proposal submissions
  • Hold a Spring Meeting workshop on an area of itnerest to technical, electronic and digital services librarians and support staff
  • Promote and increase awareness of TEDSIG activities and member issues by regularly contributing to the ALAO Newsletter
  • Support communication, discussion, and networking for the membership by providing an email discussion list
  • Oversee the nomiantions, selection and presentation of the TEDDY Award
  • Identify at least one TEDSIG member to be appointed to the ALAO Conference Planning Committee to represent TEDSIG.  IG Coordinator who serves on the Conference Planning Committee on behalf of all interest groups, may be designated to this role.
  • Hold elections each March to fill the position of outgoing chair

TEDSIG Co-Chairs

Updated June 25, 2013
Aimee deChambeau (Term: 2013-2015)
Head of Electronic Services
University of Akron
Phone: 330-972-7488
Email: daimee [at]

Sharon Purtee
(Term: 2012-2014)
Associate Senior Librarian
Health Science Library
University of Cincinnati
Phone: 513-558-1019
Email: sharon.purtee at

TEDSIG Membership

Updated July 11, 2011

Technical, electronic and digital services librarians and support staff in Ohio libraries and counterparts in the non-profit and private sectors, who are members of ALAO, may become members of TEDSIG.  TEDSIG co-chairs serve overlapping years and one co-chair is elected annually by the membership in March.  Subcommittees and Membership Chair may be appointed as needed.

TEDSIG Steering Committee

Updated July 11, 2011

  • The primary responsibility of the ALAO TEDSIG Steering Committee is to increase opportunities for TEDS librarians and staff to participate in ALAO. This is accomplished through the delivery of member services such as program planning for the Spring Meeting and the Annual Conference, through the distribution of information of interest to technical services librarians and staff, and in other ways.
  • The Steering Committee is comprised of the 2 Co-Chairs and any interested parties.
  • TEDSIG Co-Chairs are elected by Steering Committee membership to two year terms, commencing in alternate years to facilitate overlap in leadership. TEDSIG Co-Chairs do not have to have previously served as Committee members, but it is recommended.
  • Members of the TEDSIG Steering Committee will serve one year terms running from one ALAO Leadership Retreat in June to the next. If a Committee member does not contact one of the Co-Chairs to specifically resign from the Committee it will be assumed they wish to remain active for another year.
  • Members are expected to attend at least one meeting per year.  Meetings are held during the annual conference and at the Spring Meeting.  Ad hoc meetings may be called at the discretion of the Co-Chairs to plan events or discuss topics of interest.  All other communication will take place electronically.
  • One Committee member will focus their activities on growing the ALAO TEDSIG membership and serve one year term as TEDSIG Membership Chair.  Membership Chair may be reappointed by the Co-Chairs for successive years.


Updated March 1, 2010
For news and updates on TEDSIG's activities, check out our blog at:

TEDSIG Discussion List

Updated May 14, 2012
The TEDSIG discussion list* has moved to Google Groups.
To join the TEDSIG Google Group:
You will need a Google account to participate.
If you do not have a Google account, create one at:
After creating your Google account, or if you already have an account, go toTEDSIG's Google Groups site here:
Click the Sign In button on the top right.
Enter your Google user name and password.
After signing in, click on the Join group to post button.
A dialog box will pop up which allows you to set options, including how you would like to read the posts and how you would like your name and/or e-mail to be displayed within the group's site.
After making your choices, click on the Join this group button on the bottom of the box.
Posting to the Google Group can be done online at the group site or by sending a post to the Google Groups e-mail address:

*The TEDSIG listserv via Kent was retired during summer 2012.


For Distinguished Service by an ALAO member in the fields of Technical, Electronic and Digital Services

Updated November 24, 2010

The TEDDY recognizes an individual's significant contributions to the technical, electronic or digital services fields.  Contributions may include service, innovative practices, presentations, publications, and leadership in the profession.  The TEDDY is awarded annually at the ALAO Conference.   The award includes two waivers to a future TEDSIG event and TEDS, the TEDSIG mascot.

Nominees must be current ALAO members, who have worked in or are currently working in an Ohio academic library in the area of technical, electronic, or digital services.

TEDDY Award Past Recipients

 2011  Anne Gilliland  The Ohio State University
 2010  Eve Davis  EBSCO Information Services
 2009  Deberah England  Wright State University
 2008  Margaret Maurer  Kent State University

       Anne Gilliland, 2011 TEDDY Award Recipient   (Photo by: Laura Lingham)


Updated November 24, 2010

1995-1997    Margo Warner Curl      College of Wooster
1997-1999    Cliff Glaviano               Bowling Green State University
1998-2000    George Johnston          University of Cincinnati
1999-2001    Karen Wilhoit               Wright State University
2000-2002    Anne Gilliland               OhioLINK
2001-2003    Cynthia Whitacre          OCLC
2002-2004    Kevin Furniss               Denison University
2003-2005    Julie Gammon              University of Akron
2004-2006    Jody Perkins                 Miami University
2005-2007    Margaret Maurer          Kent State University
2006-2008    Deberah England          Wright State University
2007-2009    Rocki Strader               The Ohio State University
2008-2010    Kiffany Francis             Cleveland State University
2009-2011    Christopher Thornton   Case Western Reserve University
2010-2012    Elias Tzoc                    Miami University
2011-2013    Jennifer Bazeley           Miami University
2012-2014    Sharon Purtee              University of Cincinnati
2013-2015    Aimee deChambeau      University of Akron

TEDS, the TEDSIG Mascot

TEDS, the TEDSIG mascot, was the brainchild of TEDSIG member Maureen Walsh (OSU) during a discussion at a TSIG meeting on January 26, 2007 about expanding the interest group's scope beyond technical services to include the fields of electronic resources and systems, and digital services. 

On May 2, 2008, TEDS, a white teddy bear sporting a TEDSIG t-shirt, made his debut at the TEDSIG Spring Meeting.  Fittingly, Maureen Walsh, who was speaking at the event, won the door prize and as such was the first recipient of a TEDS.  TEDS is awarded annually as part of the TEDDY Award.

If you would like your very own TEDS, contact the TEDSIG Co-Chairs.

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